Nov. 12, 2015
Press Release

Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2015: BASF Presents Innovative Solutions for Latest Home Care and Personal Care Trends

  • Sokalan® special polymers for color care and washing without presorting
  • New Trilon® M types for high-performance dishwashing detergents
  • Ingredients and formulations for cosmetic products with multisensory profiles


Oct. 14, 2015

BASF Presents New Types of the Readily Biodegradable Chelating Agent Trilon® M

  • Trilon® M Max as the high-performance phosphate alternative for automatic dishwashing detergents
  • Extra benefits in terms of enhanced formulation flexibility and esthetic choice of the end product
  • Trilon® Ultimate as 2-in-1 solution for improved stability and extra glass protection


Oct. 14, 2015

SEPAWA 2015: BASF Presents New Solutions for Resource-efficient Detergents and Cleaners as well as Personal Care Products

  • New types of the innovative chelating agent Trilon® M
  • Sokalan® special polymers for modern color detergents
  • Surfactant-based compound Plantapon® WW 1000 especially for water-free shower oils and oil baths


Oct. 13, 2015

BASF expands production capacity for emollients and waxes in China

  • Meets rising demand in Asia Pacific personal care market
  • Start-up of additional production facility planned for early 2017
  • RSPO-certified production site assures use of certified palm (kernel) oil


Aug. 11, 2015
Press Release

BASF increases production capacity for chelating agents in Ludwigshafen

  • Expansion and flexibilization of existing production facilities for chelating agents like Trilon® M
  • Investment responds to the rapidly growing global demand for readily  biodegradable chelating agents for detergents and cleaners
  • Expansion of global capacity for chelating agents to 170,000 metric tons per year


Jul. 30, 2015
Press Release

BASF opens state-of-the-art clinical and consumer testing center

160,000 square foot R&D facility is equipped with sophisticated clinical instrumentation and imaging for personal care TARRYTOWN, NY July 30, 2015 – BASF announced the opening of its new clinical and consumer testing center within their 160,000 square foot R&D facility in Tarrytown, New York. The new Tarrytown Consumer Testing Center (TCTC) is equipped with the most sophisticated clinical instrumentation available for personal care applications and allows BASF to support novel claims and produce clinical imaging for all market segments within personal care. Clinical trials began in early June.


Jul. 29, 2015
Press Release

BASF and Solazyme launch the first commercial microalgae-derived betaine surfactant

World’s first commercially available high-performance microalgae betaine for use in home and personal care applications


Jul. 10, 2015
Press Release

BASF and Poietis sign a research and development agreement on 3D bioprinting technology for advanced skin care applications

Combined expertise to enhance bioprinted 3D tissue models to support the development and testing of cosmetic bioactives for skin care applications


Jun. 29, 2015
Press Release

BASF to lift Force Majeure for EO-based products in the portfolio of Care Chemicals as of July 10, 2015


Jun. 19, 2015
Press Release

BASF inaugurates world-scale acrylic acid complex in Camaçari, Brazil

  • First world-scale production complex for acrylic acid and superabsorbent polymers in South America
  • With more than €500 million, largest investment in BASF’s history in the region
  • Butyl acrylate plant in Guaratinguetá to be converted to produce 2-ethylhexyl acrylate


Jun. 18, 2015
Press Release

MakeUp in Paris 2015: BASF solutions help manufacturers respond to upcoming color trends

Paris, France – June 18, 2015 – Following extensive market research, BASF has identified the most influential cultural drivers set to impact the beauty trends in 2016 and beyond. The company will address its findings at this year’s MakeUp in Paris trade show from June 18 to 19 at the Carrousel du Louvre – introducing tailored products and solutions that help manufacturers of decorative cosmetics leverage the opportunities these trends bring with them. “We have been keeping a close eye on regional and global developments, as well as the latest fashion shows, so we can help our customers create products and brand experiences that will really resonate with consumers,” said Valerie Pian-Parison, Marketing Manager at BASF Personal Care Europe.


Jun. 17, 2015
Press Release

Small farmers in the Philippines reach first milestone towards the production of sustainable coconut oil

Partnership of GIZ, BASF and Cargill promotes the world’s first production of copra certified by Rainforest Alliance


Jun. 1, 2015
Press Release

BASF presents broad portfolio of surfactants at CESIO Congress in Istanbul

  • BASF reveals new possibilities for many applications and industries at booth 150
  • BASF experts offer insights into the latest surfactant development and research


May 21, 2015
Press Release

BASF declares Force Majeure for a range of EO-based products in the portfolio of Care Chemicals

BASF declares Force Majeure for a range of EO-based products in the portfolio of Care Chemicals


May 7, 2015

BASF Care Creations presents ‘Inspired by Life’ at the 2015 NYSCC Suppliers Day Show

  • Exhibit will launch seven new personal care ingredients


Apr. 14, 2015

New generation of micronized UV filters to be introduced in Australia

  • Highly efficient protection against UVAII and UVB radiation
  • Unique absorbance spectrum increases SPF performance
  • Available in Europe, currently pending Therapeutic Goods Administration approval in Australia


Apr. 13, 2015
Press Release

in-cosmetics 2015: BASF puts a spotlight on sensorial experience and presents new solutions

  • BASF aims to collaborate with customers to develop products with sensory profiles that appeal to different consumer archetypes
  • New products and formulations offer a strong performance and appealing sensory properties
  • Visitors of the booth are invited to multisensory “journeys”


Apr. 13, 2015
Press Release

BASF’s “Skin Care Polymers Toolbox” enables tailormade solutions for the skin care market

  • Toolbox helps customers to choose the most suitable polymer for their individual skin care solution


Apr. 13, 2015
Press Release

BASF’s “Trends & Textures Box” inspires hair styling products that strike a chord with consumers

  • Differentiated hair styling needs of today’s consumers offer vast opportunities for personal care manufacturers
  • BASF’s “Trends & Textures Box” contains hair styling formulations tailored to current trends and consumer needs
  • Latest research results on Luviquat® Supreme AT1 show added benefit of heat protection of the hair during styling


Mar. 2, 2015
Press Release

in-cosmetics 2015: BASF focusses on new ingredients with specific sensory characteristics

Ludwigshafen, Germany – March 02, 2015 – Color, scent, texture, skin sensation: the sensory properties of cosmetics are often critical for whether a product is purchased again or not.


Feb. 6, 2015
Press Release

Largest BASF site for cosmetic ingredients obtains GMP certification

  • Dusseldorf-Holthausen production site fulfills criteria for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI)
  • By 2018, BASF aims to achieve GMP certifications for cosmetic ingredients at production sites worldwide


Jan. 13, 2015
Press Release

Cosmetagora 2015: BASF presents trend-driven skin and color care solutions inspired by life

  • Anti-aging face care concept “Beautiful Faces” translates consumer needs into tailored solutions
  • Effect pigment collection “Color Trends 2016” helps customers to create solutions for next year’s beauty trends


Jan. 13, 2015
Press Release

BASF launches “Beautiful Faces” – a needs-based formulation concept for anti-aging face care solutions

  • Anti-aging face care concept translates consumer needs into tailored solutions
  • Consumer research and a validated typology system help to define needs of six consumer types
  • New anti-aging formulations enable efficient targeting of consumers and the creation of unique brand experiences 


Jan. 13, 2015
Press Release

BASF launches “Color Trends 2016”

  • New effect pigment collection helps customers to create beauty care solutions for up-and-coming color trends 2016
  • Four distinct beauty trends based upon cultural drivers in the global market place 



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