BASF at FCE Cosmetique and Pharma 2012: innovative solutions for beauty and health

May 24, 2012

Press Release

BASF personal and health care businesses are ideally positioned to serve present and future market demands. Backed up by strong technological and research capabilities, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality ingredients and actives for the personal care and pharmaceutical industry is set to launch its innovative solutions at the 17th International Technology Exhibition for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry

BASF personal and health care businesses are ideally positioned to serve present and future market demands. Backed up by strong technological and research capabilities, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality ingredients and actives for the personal care and pharmaceutical industry is set to launch its innovative solutions at the 17th International Technology Exhibition for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Care Creations™ 

The BASF Personal Care business will also present its new brand, Care Creations™ and communication concept, “Inspired by Life”, while inviting customers to experience how the personal care market can be shaped by innovations inspired by life. The BASF Personal Care business is ideally positioned to serve the personal care market demands, both today and in the future. Based on strong technological and research capabilities, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality ingredients and actives for the personal care industry will continue to follow consumer trends and market demands closely. Care Creations™ gives voice to this commitment and business approach, while expressing clearly its strengths of science excellence and market empathy, enabling BASF to develop innovative and valuable solutions for its customers.

Ingredients for hair care products 

Plantasil® Relaxcare: innovative product for the ethnic hair care market. Consumers with curly hair are increasingly looking for new products that straighten the hair while protecting and strengthening it at the same time. Plantasil Relaxcare is easily incorporated into lye relaxer formulations and improves both the mechanical stability and tactile properties of the relaxed hair.

Luvigel® FIT: liquid thickener tailor-made for clear and smooth hair-styling gels. The new thickener makes it much easier for formulators to achieve high setting performance due to its synergy effects with anionic and cationic polymers. 

Skin care products and services 

The sensitive skin market has grown significantly in recent years. BASF has an extremely diverse portfolio of active ingredients and raw materials suitable for use in developing formulations for sensitive skin care. 
Cetiol RLF: a new emollient, gentle on the skin and the environment. From 100% natural, renewable feedstock, naturally catalyzed with enzymes, this is a fast spreading emollient (1400 mm²/10 min) with a light skin feel and high sensorial acceptance, crystal clear appearance, and slight natural fragrance. Approved by Ecocert and certified by NaTrue. 
Service: BASF Sunscreen Simulator: Emerging markets will be the main drivers of cosmetic growth in the future. To supply this demand, BASF has reformulated its SPF simulation system to address Mercosul needs. The system now includes higher than 60 SPF values and a specific tool to Mercosul that shows the approval result. 

New pigments for various applications 

New shades for Timica® Pigments: Composed of natural mineral mica and titanium dioxide, the new pigments enable BASF’s customers to give their personal care products a lustrous shine and swirling, shimmery look, in addition to high chromaticity and purity. The new shades are ideal for use in radiance lotions, shampoos, body washes, liquid soaps and nail polishes, and offer a perfect combination of attractive colors and appealing effects.

Chione™ HD:
high-definition synthetic mica pigments which infuse formulations with bright clean colors and brilliant pearlescent effects. They provide excellent coverage, good skin adhesion, and a soft silky feel while helping to create a flawless even-tone appearance in lipsticks, glosses, foundations, BB creams, eye shadows, daily skincare and nail polishes. 
Cloisonné® Vivid Red: an effect pigment that infuses cosmetics and personal care formulations with dramatically luxurious and elegant color. It also provides dynamic pearlescence with a lustrous metallic-like sheen. It was engineered to deliver highly intense color with just the right touch of romance, with an average particle size of ~20 µm. It is composed of natural mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide. For formulations needing a consistent, stable red pigment, one that won't fade, Cloisonné® Vivid Red provides a new and exciting opportunity. 
Flamenco Silk: Flamenco Silk’s finely sized particles provide intense interference color and subtle luster for matte and low luster cosmetics and personal care formulations. Ideal for cosmetics intended for global distribution. When used with other colorants, Flamenco Silk creates complex color interplay. 

Beauty Creations

The cosmetic active ingredient business of BASF, resulting from the merger of Beauty Care Solutions and Laboratoires Sérobiologiques, presented its latest solutions to inspire beauty under its new banner "Beauty Creations". Focusing on the skin and hair care market, the BASF cosmetic active ingredients business develops and manufactures cosmetic active ingredients as well as smart delivery and hair care categories. In-depth research in skin pigmentation, skin aging, protection against environmental stress, modulation of hair growth, skin architecture as well as unique R&D capabilities makes them the partner of choice for actively inspiring beauty. 
ActiwhiteTM: a preservative-free synergistic complex of pea extract and sucrose dilaurate offering combined, rapidly visible in vivo effectiveness to lighten the skin and reduce age spots in just 14 days. ActiwhiteTM complies with Asian regulatory requirements and ensures optimal skin tolerance. In addition, ActiwhiteTM conforms with Ecocert Standards of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.
Sqisandryl™: the latest launch from Beauty Creations. A preservative-free extract from schisandra berries which has been proven to stimulate the production of two key structural compounds involved in the stability of the DEJ: collagen-17 and ladinin-1. Sqisandryl™ helps by preserving the integrity and functionality of the DEJ, resulting in a noticeable increase in the skin’s resilience, elasticity and firmness. Sqisandryl™ has Ecocert Greenlife organic certification in compliance with the Ecocert Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics*. 

*Raw material certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics available at : 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, 100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.


Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) 

Hysorb 9400: a superabsorbent polymer with high absorption of liquid and improved retention. The product presents better performance in hygiene applications under load, narrow PSD and enables BASF’s customers to create and market new diaper designs with higher comfort levels. 
Acrylic Complex in Camaçari: BASF is strengthening its position in the superabsorbent polymers (SAP) market with investments in local production sites in fast growing emerging markets. In South America, BASF is building a SAP plant in Camaçari, Brazil with an annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons. Production is expected to start in late 2014.


Pharmaceutical Solutions

Kollicoat®: The industry’s leading portfolio of cutting-edge coating excipients for a variety of formulation challenges: from attractively colored instant-release coatings to highly efficient and cost-saving functional coatings. With its latest innovation, Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D, BASF enables effective and easy taste-masking for tablets, pellets and even particles. Kollicoat® - Designed to be safe.
To make the portfolios easier to navigate, BASF has developed a new naming system for its dermatology and solubilization range. The new names are related to compendial designations – so customers can easily identify each excipient’s application. 

Derma portfolio: 
BASF's broad portfolio for dermatology features is now improved by topical delivery systems and milder excipients. The entire dermatology line – from emollients to APIs – meets the highest standards and all relevant regulatory requirements. 

Solubilizer portfolio: 
The most promising active ingredient is useless unless it can be effectively solubilized and made bio-available. BASF’s extensive range of solubilizers, co-solvents and matrices is designed to meet the toughest challenges for all dosage forms including solids, liquids and semi-solids. 
Soluplus®: Soluplus is an excipient developed especially for use in hot melt extrusion (HME) processes, a technology that is widely known in the plastics industry and is increasingly attracting interest in the pharmaceutical sector. Soluplus acts in this process as a polymeric matrix former for solid solutions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Its effect is to increase the solubility and bioavailabilty of poorly water-soluble APIs.


Make note 

BASF booth: H18 
Subject: Cetiol RLF: Gentle on Sensitive Skin and the Environment 
Speaker: Mariele Oliveira, Technical Services Coordinator at BASF 
Date: May, 30, at 10:30am


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