Questions on the color cosmetics market

October 30, 2012


What is currently driving the color cosmtics market? How does BASF’s color cosmetics segment help its customers to meet consumer demands? And what are the latest additions to BASF’s color cosmetics portfolio? The following short news from BASF Personal Care gives answers to these questions.

1.)  What is currently driving the color cosmetics market?

Individualization has become a key trend among consumers, and this development means that consumers demand very different effects and textures of color cosmetics products. Invisible, light make-up taken to high technical levels that provides natural radiance and an even tone is currently much in demand in complexion products, whereas bright colors are popular in lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows. As a result, more than ever before, manufacturers need to provide a range of individual color shades. This is why they are looking for solutions that open up new formulation possibilities.

 2.)  How does BASF’s color cosmetics segment help its customers to meet consumer demands?

BASF supports its customers holistically: by both supplying a broad portfolio of high-quality specialty minerals and effect pigments and by providing forward-thinking concepts that help them to successfully serve their markets. BASF’s new overarching “My Lifestyle Cosmetics” concept illustrates this approach. By bringing together values, norms, and attitudes, the new concept breaks down consumers’ lifestyles into different groups. To help manufacturers formulate tailor-made solutions for these groups, BASF has also developed a variety of formulations that cater precisely to the needs of the different consumer groups.  

 3.) What are the latest additions to BASF’s color cosmetics portfolio?

BASF has recently launched Cloisonné® Vivid Red, a new shade of shimmering, romantic red that is naturally derived and non-fading. It provides lipsticks and blushes with dynamic pearlescent effects and a lustrous metallic-like sheen. With an average particle size of 70 microns, the effect pigments Flamenco® Summer Gold and Flamenco® Winter Sparkle impart products with either a warm, natural glow reminiscent of summer sun or a silver jewel shine. Another recent addition to the portfolio are Chione™ HD synthetic mica pigments. These new “high-definition” pigments provide cosmetic formulations with high chromaticity and purity, bright clean colors and brilliant pearlescent effects. Their small particle size supports excellent coverage, good skin adhesion and a soft silky feel, while helping to create a flawless even-tone appearance in foundations, BB creams and daily skin care products.

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