PatcH2O® for hair care applications: immediate and long-lasting hydration of the scalp

September 4, 2017

Press Release

  • Clinical evidence of efficacy in hair care applications; sustained improvement of scalp moisturization
  • Long-lasting effect thanks to film-forming properties that allow controlled release of active ingredients

Duesseldorf, Germany – September 4, 2017 – The secret of beautiful hair lies at its roots – with a healthy scalp. A dry, dehydrated scalp, which can feel uncomfortable, tight and itchy, is a common problem, affecting people of all ages. Harsh weather, pollution, and aggressive hair products can exacerbate the issue. Consumers around the world are looking for products that will help protect their scalp against dehydration, while improving hair structure and shine. In response, BASF has reassessed its highly effective hydra-protect technology for skin moisturization, PatcH2O®, and found it to be suitable for hair care applications such as anti-aging scalp care.

Clinically proven efficacy in hair care applications

A double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study showed a significant, immediate and sustained improvement in scalp moisturization. The study was performed on female volunteers with different skin and hair types: Caucasian, African, Hispanic and Asian. They tested a 2 percent PatcH2O-containing leave-on hair serum against placebo in two groups. Scalp hydration was evaluated by dielectric conductivity at baseline, four hours, 21 days, and three days’ post treatment. Increased scalp hydration up to 52 percent against baseline could be demonstrated. Volunteers indicated that their scalp felt more comfortable and that PatcH2O led to a noticeable improvement in hair quality and shine.

PatcH2O®: a 3D molecular mesh

The patch technology is a result of BASF’s dual expertise in natural macromolecules and the controlled release of active ingredients. Acting on two levels, PatcH2O offers optimum hydration: on the scalp’s surface, the unique combination of natural biopolymers, hyaluronic acid, alginate, and a natural glucan known as pullulan forms a 3D molecular mesh that reduces water evaporation like a protective film. This micro-network is loaded with a moisturizing complex containing glycerin, L-serine, trehalose and urea, which is gradually released into the heart of the stratum corneum to rebalance the skin’s moisture level.

About the Care Chemicals division at BASF

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